Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient healing art developed to balance the body's invisible energy system by directing energy flows into integrated pathways using the right and left polarity of the hands on the body. As a JSJ practitioner, I apply these energy patterns to specific locations in the landscape.  My earth acupuncture projects utilize the positive/negative principle of batteries by inserting 'needles' made with the composite materials of copper, iron and fiberglass. I insert the earth acunpuncture needles into the ground forming JSJ energy patterns, to create not only metaphor, but actual physical and etheric connections to the landscape.

Applying the principles of acupuncture, the Spleen Energy Flow pattern from Jin Shin Jyutsu, is superimposed throughout nine sites located in the Unison Sculpture Garden, New Paltz, New York. Each site contains three needles five feet high making a total of 27 needles. The needles are made from a composite of amplifying materials; bamboo, copper, crystals, mica, silk metallic organza and copper bells. The Spleen Flow represents the earth and is considered the source of life flow. The needles generate an invisible network and physical connection to the earth between the sites and the viewers.

Your work radiates light. Most others absorb it. Your work suggests sounds. Most others are silent. Fabulous! -- Linda Weintraub, curator

My third earth acupuncture project where I inserted ten copper and mirror “needles” into the landscape. My continuing fascination with Robert Smithson’s Yucatan “Mirror Displacements,” as travelogue and his hauntingly beautiful images led me to pursue placement rather than displacement; to engage with a singular place in the landscape on a daily basis. 

The Arts Society of Kingston, New York presents the Kingston Sculpture Biennial, an every other year exhibiiton featuring public art pieces displayed in various outdoor locations throughout the city. Organized in 2013 by curator Sarah Bachelier, titled Texture of Place, I choose an underpath berme adjacent to the 9W bridge in the historic Roundout area as my location. The rhythm backbeat of the cars crossing the bridge created a natural heartbeat soundtrack to transpose the Jin Shin Jyutsu Heart Flow energy healing pattern as my second earth acupuncture project. My acupuncture needles, constructed from fiberglass and copper, are materials physicists are experimenting with to create lenses that 'bend light' in an unpredicted way. Attached to each needle is an LED solar light, viewed each nightfall from the distant waterfront tourist neighborhood.

Main Central Vertical Flow:Hudson River an earth acupuncture project where I inserted 12 copper needles along the east and west sides of the Hudson River creating an invisible network of actual physical and etheric connection to the plant.