Hudson Valley Mirror Placement
Hudson Valley Mirror Placement
Copper, mirrors

“One is always crossing the horizon, yet it always remains distant.”
--Robert Smithson

On January 1, 2015 I embarked on my third earth acupuncture project (see www. where I inserted ten copper and mirror “needles” into the landscape. My continuing fascination with Robert Smithson’s Yucatan “Mirror Displacements,” as travelogue and his hauntingly beautiful images led me to pursue placement rather than displacement; to engage with a singular place in the landscape on a daily basis through observation and my camera. Over the course of a one year, I accumulated over 2000 images.
The ten mirrors parallel the spine-like construction of a 150 year old stone wall along the D&H canal in Summitville, NY. Cantilevering out of earth and rock, their surfaces reflect the sky and water to form squares of light against the terrain. Photographed daily throughout the year the mirror reflections of the differing seasons turned into painterly fields.