Tuning Score for the Nervous System invites artists to create new sound/music compositions. The sound of our nervous system carries a lot of information and is an indicator of our inner tuning. The spine sings a song of resonant frequencies with its own rhythm of harmony. The right and left sides of the body exist in a symphony of major and minor keys, or positive and negative polarities. New sound creates new pathways in the body.

Participating musicians include Roswell Rudd, Thomas Workman, Marilyn Crispell, Jeff Haynes. Listen to their music here at tuningscore.com. Music can also be heard on Soundcloud.

Listening to these amazing sculptural sounds...the sonorities move so deeply into the body and resonate within the whole organism…. Not only hearing as such, it’s beautiful and unique, and as usual you are opening the properties of materials to an aesthetic realm that has not previously been explored. 
---Carolee Schneemann

Tuning Scores